Fire and Rescue Service - Operational Guidance to Railway Incidents

Major incidents involving Railways in the United Kingdom are rare. Such incidents place

significant demands on local Fire and Rescue Services and often require resources and

support from other Fire and Rescue Services and emergency responders. However

smaller scale incidents involving railways are more prevalent and these may require a

response from any Fire and Rescue Service in England.

The Fire and Rescue Service Operational Guidance – Railway Incidents provides robust yet

flexible guidance that can be adapted to the nature, scale and requirements of the incident.

The Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser is grateful for the assistance in the development in this

guidance from a wide range of sources, including the Fire and Rescue Service, rail operators

and rail industry experts.

It is anticipated that this guidance will promote common principles, practices and

procedures that will support the Fire and Rescue Service to resolve incidents in this type

of structures safely and efficiently.